Review: How To Make Money Online: The Ultimate Passive Income Blueprint by Alan Woods

Woods2I am an author who is increasingly fascinated with the business side of promoting and selling books, both my own and those of clients. Thanks to the world’s largest retailer, Amazon, I have a platform to produce and sell books, but there’s far more to it than just putting into their system. Books like this one give some of the overall business savvy that is needed to make an online business of any kind become profitable. While my own is still very small, I’m devouring books about mailing lists, social networks, driving traffic, affiliate sales, and more. It can almost make your head spin with the complexity of it all.
Along comes Alan Woods. Alan has such a unique ability to make the complex seem doable. He is a simple, but very systematic thinker who has the capacity to write clearly and to give specific action steps to get a task done. He even started with my first online gig platform: fiverr. I write book descriptions there. But there are at least hundreds of different skills being marketed every day on that site, and Alan gives enough to make you hungry to see where you fit. He literally walks you through a step-by-step process toward getting started and making money with them. He also gives tips to make more profitable, even though it doesn’t really become completely passive.
The second method was also my second one – with both eBay and Amazon. It is related to selling products, either the ones you produce or those supplied by others. Again, you get the step-by-step instructions for how to succeed. It’s simple enough for the beginner to build confidence. It also has some tips that you may have overlooked even though you are more experienced.
I’m still holding back on the third method so far. It’s YouTube. Most people don’t realize how profitable it can be, but Alan will clue you in if you take a few minutes to read it. If you are the type who loves to record videos of everything you see, this would be a great, enjoyable way to accumulate materials that could be turned into cash. I appreciate all the info he gives about equipment and software that are needed to make this happen.
I’m really interested in choice #4, udemy courses. That’s spelled $$$. Big money for a long time. True passive income with just a little promo needed along the way. I’m all for it, and Alan does a good job introducing the subject. He gives the tips and techniques any of us newbies would need to make a go of it in this exciting new field.
Affiliate marketing is something that amazes me. I occasionally get a payment for a product that someone has bought online through an affiliate link in an old blogpost or other site. In a way, it is making money off other people’s hard work. They supply a product, promote and do their part. You put a link on your site or in emails. Bam! The money comes. Well, it is a little harder than that, but Alan will set you straight with great info about it.
Then, my gig…writing books and selling them. Having a monetized website, and then a listing of many other opportunities. Let me tell you, this book is packed with goodies. I recommend this to that person who is looking for other streams of income to build a more secure future and a freer lifestyle even now.

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