Upload Your Book


You may now upload the book for which you want us to write a book description.  The following instructions explain what you need to do now.

1.  Make sure that your file is no larger than 3 MB.  If it is, you’ll need to compress it using a utility such as WinZip.

2.  Make sure that your file is in one of the approved formats listed beneath the UPLOAD button.

3.  You may not upload more than 2 files at one time.  I will normally only do two book descriptions by the same author in the same day.  If your need is urgent, let me know so that we can make special arrangements.  Contact me: gary@mgwebb.net.

4.  Click the UPLOAD button.  This will open a window on your computer so that you can navigate to the directory and files that you want to upload.  Select them with a double-click or return.

5.  Enter the File Title.  This is normally the title of the book or series of books you are uploading.  It will identify the upload in the page that follows.

6.  Send me an email via gary@mgwebb.net to let me know that you have a book description pending. I will notify you when it is finished.  Although I say to allow two (2) days for completion of reviews, that is primarily to allow for overloads.  I frequently have it complete within one hour after receipt of your email.