Free Indeed

Break Free from the Strongholds that Rob You

Many Christians secretly battle powerful, deadly spiritual forces — often without realizing the sourceof the misery they have endured all too long. Naturally, they are also unable to find a solution. Are you one of those? Free Indeed is a devotional workbook for those believers who are struggling with destructive, “besetting” sins. Each daily reading calls attention to a specific principle that leads a disciple of the Lord into the freedom that only the Son can give. The daily format includes a brief Scripture passage, reflections, and a sample prayer to express the heart of the liberating truth focus for the day. The author himself has experienced how these truths of God’s Word brought salvation and deliverance during the time when he was addicted to drugs, fascinated with the occult, and obsessed with suicidal thoughts. You too can be transformed by the truth of Scripture and receive the joyous freedom of the Lord. In a sense, every sinner is an addict who needs to be made free.

In Free Indeed: A Devotional for Saints Who Still Struggle with Sin you will learn:

  • An intimate approach to spending time with God to receive the freedom Christ alone can provide.
  • Key Scriptures that establish a believer’s position in Christ.
  • More understanding of the strategies of Satan to keep people in bondage to sinful patterns of attitude and action.
  • A listing of Scriptures that relate to the Twelve Steps (re-worded for Christians).

Apply Liberating Truth to Your Own Life on a Daily Basis

These studies are all clearly written and can be quickly absorbed each day of the 40-day journey.